Real Educator

The Real Educator

  • The real educator should raise the potentialities of both the faculty of reason as well as the faculty of the senses
  • The real educator guides the learner in facilitating his labours, preventing him from wasting time, strength and energy. He gives the necessary help for swift and sure progress in intellectual growth. He neither urges forward nor holds him back.
  • The Teachers objective is not founded on words, energy or severity. The educator must acquire a moral alertness which is revealed in her tranquillity, patience and humility.

Not words, but virtue are the educators main qualifications.

  • Madrasah: A place where the principles of character education are characterised by sweetness, love and tolerance
  • The real educator through observation facilitates the learning in a manner that unlocks and releases the true potential of the learner through spontaneous progress, ultimately making his contribution to mankind.

Observation: does not mean passive observation or abandonment. It entails the true understanding of the task of the educator. It is not in allowing the learner free rein to do as he pleases, but rather in the help that the learner needs which consists in allowing the nature of the child to become strong and true.

The help that prevents all negative elements in childhood development to intrude into the child’s path.

It is only the power of love with humility that will enable an educator to come close enough to the child to observe and help in such a manner.