Passionate Teacher

The Passionate Teacher
“The duty of an educator is to stir up life, yet leave it free enough to develop”

A scientist is not one who can manipulate all the physical apparatus in a laboratory, or produce various chemical reactions- rather it is he who during the course of an experiment has perceived something that leads to a further investigation of the profound truths of life and who, in the pursuit of this knowledge has felt so passionate a love for the mysteries of nature that he forgets himself.

He is one who so continuously looks through a microscope at insects, that he becomes blind, or who infects himself with cholera in his eagerness to know the ways in which these diseases are spread.

This is the type of man to whom Allah allows nature to reveal her secrets and crown the scientist with the glory of discovery.

Scientific experiments are like the letters of the alphabet and one must know how to use them to be able to read the secrets of nature.

A teacher who possesses that same profound spirit and passion to teach, is destined by his own tireless efforts to observe not insects……..but MAN, and the man he is destined to observe is not busy about his daily occupations, like those of insects when they awake in the morning, but man when his intellectual, emotional and spiritual life is awakening.

So when a teacher stooped in the passion of teaching, allows the learner to develop freely….then he will learn from the child himself the ways and means to his own education…..

The passionate teacher will ultimately learn from the child how to perfect himself as a true educator.