Learning Aids

Learning-through-play, activity based learning resources stimulate the child to respond by using his own ability of reason and self-control. The fixation of the mind upon an activity develops both inner-discipline and reason, resulting in a solid foundation for intellectual growth.

A teacher cannot command obedience because he is strong and expect a learner to obey because he is weak. The teacher should instead show himself to the child as a loving and enlightened guide, assisting him along the way, leading him to his own secret potential.

The wilful inter-action of the learner with the learning aids will allow the learner to concentrate in a way that no verbal instruction can ever do. This irresistible impulse which unites the learner with the learning aids, will pave the way for the learners intellect to fully develop, by perfecting his ability to recognise the sound of the letters through his own effort.


Intro to Letters


Flash Cards

Sandpaper Letters & Numbers

Benefit of Learning Aids

  • The training and sharpening of the senses has the obvious advantage of enlarging the field of perception, and of offering an ever-more solid foundation for intellectual growth.
  • The intellect builds up its store of practical ideas through contact and exploration of activity based lessons (Charts, flash cards, stories, colour-in, lesson exercises ). Without such concepts, the intellect would lack precision and inspiration in its abstract operations.
  • Via the multi-sensorial material, a child accumulates and absorbs impressions during his mental and physical developing years. This remarkable achievement creates a treasure of mental wealth in his subconscious mind.
  • By isolating the senses through various different activities, it enables the learner to engage in an inner and external analysis that can help him acquire an orderly mind.
  • By allowing the control of error via the activities and materials, it allows a child to use his reason, critical faculty and his ever increasing capacity for drawing distinctions. In this way, a child’s mind is subconsciously conditioned to correct his errors in every facet of his daily tasks.
  • The learning aids stimulates the child to respond under the guidance of reason and self-control. This fixation of the mind and activity upon a single object develops both inner-discipline and intellectual growth. The ultimate aim and purpose of the learning materials is to bring order into the chaos created in the learners mind and facilitate his understanding yet at the same time enable the learner to advance safely along the difficult way of development.
  • By the teacher using the learning aids effectively, it will ensure that the learner is able to recognise letters and blend sounds in a fun, enjoyable manner, thereafter progressing to the formation of words and sentences. The learner will within a short period of time, via the enjoyable, learning-through-play methodology of the learning aids, be able to recite the Qur’aan Majeed fluently and correctly in-shaa-Allah.