Learner Attitude


“The real punishment of a man, is for him to lose consciousness of his own potential of strength and self-worth”

If a learner is good-mannered and calm, he will display compassion, love and sweetness.

If the learner shows a tendency to misbehave, it will result in a waste of good energy and the misbehaviour will only become a means of creating confusion within the natural order of the child. It will prevent the child from

  • Being able to concentrate
  • Being able to grow and develop due to the disorder and chaos created in his mind by his misbehaving, disruptive nature

It will now become necessary to check him with earnest words, not in a way that would seem to be a punishment for noise and disorder, but rather as an indication of your authority over him.

The display of authority in such an instance, becomes a case of necessary support for the child, who having lost control of himself momentarily, needs a strong support to which he can cling, just as one who has stumbled needs to grab something to keep him from falling.