Learning to read the qur’aan Book 1, is a must for every childs first steps in wanting to read the Quraan. It is a thoroughly enjoyable yet stimulatingly educational activity book, upholding true islaamic values and principles.

It is ideal as a first Arabic alphabet learning book for pre-schools, home schooling and islaamic schools. It is pro-active in its teaching methodology and allows active participation for the learners in the lesson, affording them the opportunity of learning the letters of the Arabic alphabet in all its forms, by their own efforts. The educator thus facilitates the learners own creativity and spontaneous responses.

This book includes:

  • Introduction to qur’aanic alphabets in all its forms, using vibrant, colourful illustrations.
  • Lessons which enchance islaamic morals and promote excellent character.
  • Simple parent / teacher guidelines to ensure correct pronunciation of Arabic letters.
  • Enriching, educational activities using hand-eye-co-ordination skills, visual skills, perception skills, fine-motor skills, gross-motor skills and exciting colour-in activities.

This book and its learning aids is a must for every child’s first step towards reading the qur’aan

Knowledge attained in Childhood is like an Engraving on a Stone

Book 1 can also be purchased as an app on any android

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A perfect syllabus for gr 1 and 2 as a follow-up to Learning to Read the Qur’aan Book 1. This is a kitaab that simplifies all the elementary concepts of learning to Read the Qur’aan through a step-by-step uncomplicated teaching methodology. The easy, simplified explanations of Qur’aanic concepts, inspiring read and repeat audio of correct recitation, vibrant colour outlay, enriching and stimulating activities and multi-sensory teaching methodology, all bring together an absolutely amazing teaching and learning experience.

Whether you are teaching learners in gr. 1 and 2  in an Islaamic School, Madrasah,adult revert classes or as a muslim, you just desire to improve the recitation of your Qur’aan, this is the perfect way to get to read the Qur’aan correctly with Tajweed.

Book 2 can also be purchased as an app on any android

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